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About Us


Our Mission

With Mazzex our mission is in line with our main policy: To have something appealing for everyone. From potato chips to peperoni pastas, we cover a truly wide variety of tastes. Besides that, we have taken care to provide only the healthiest choices, made from the best ingredients.

Our Vision

Mazzex is ambitious and growing fast. In a fluctuating market, we stay versatile and flexible to capitalize on every opportunity for growth. We aim to become among the top global FMCG brands, and be available on shelves in every city and town for Mazzex fans. Our services products are exclusively presented and distributed by YesBuy General Trading LLC, as we grow and expand together.


Mazzex products fall under two main categories: Snacks and Foodstuff. Let Mazzex snacks deliver you to a world of yummy tastes and sensations. Watch your favorite sitcom while munching on our salty sunflower seeds and leave all your worries behind for a time. You will come for the oat chocos, but you will stay for the pistachios!
You can find many unique and delicious foodstuffs with Mazzex that you can’t find anywhere else. Side dishes such as Baby Peppers are a great addition on any dinner table. Better yet, use our garlic sauce with Mazzex various sublime pastas to surprise anyone with your cooking!